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Brazil Business Solutions:


 Services Available:  


  • Analysis and interpretation of the instruments of support to the productive sector offered by the Municipal, State, and Federal governments;
  • Market Studies;
  • Societies constituton;
  • Legal Support (Tax, Commercial, Labor Entities);
  • Management Contracts;
  • Planning and Budgetary Control;
  • Working Captial Administration  and  Cash Flow Analysis;
  • Credit Risk Analysis;
  • Contribution Margin Analysis and Break-Even point;
  • Human Resources – Organogram Analysis as well as wages and fringe benefits ( fixed and variable wages plus benefits);
  • Evaluation of the Internal Controls and Audit of the Operations;
  • Taxes Planning Management;
  • Product Cost and Pricing Build-Up management;
  • Diplomacy and Business start up;
  • Consultancy and Commercial advisory Board;
  • Preparation of the Company for receiving the  ISO 9001-2000 Certification – Quality Management Procedures;
  • External Commerce support;
  • Real State   Broker Accompaniment and Assistance;
  • "In Company' Business letters and editorials training as well as Grammatical Revisions;
  • Lectures about the Portuguese Language;
  • Business assistance in Shows, Events, ::  Conventions, Hotels, Secretaries, Translator, Car rentals, etc...   



In that sense, we are based in in São Paulo city, and we count on a net of Agents in all of the States of Brazil, as well as in the European Union.   


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